Voting cheat VK!

Let's see how VK vote cheating can help. First, social networks have become a modern habitat. There are millions of users here. There are thousands of businesses here. And there are hundreds of competitions every day. Companies are fighting for popularity in social networks, for this they organize various contests with voting, in which valuable prizes are played. Secondly, sometimes the prizes are not just valuable, but overvalued. So much so that it makes sense to compete for them.
But how to fight if you need to collect thousands of likes to win the desired prize?
Our experienced team of VK winding specialists is always ready to help. The winding happens in a completely natural way. Likes are added gradually, creating the appearance of a real competitive struggle. The organizers of the contest will not suspect cheating. You can buy more likes at any stage of the voting, both at the beginning and at the final stage, when the struggle is already going “head to head”. We can connect at the very end of the competition and we will pull anyone out of the basement of the standings to a prize-winning place. We are experienced. We are capable of many things. Contact.


Thanks to the flexible settings of the VKontakte platform itself, public moderators can set various sub-types of voting, so we will list only the main types
  • Voting cheat VK: likes


    VK votes cheating through likes is quite flexible, you can set not only the number, but also the speed, as well as account parameters: city of residence, gender, age, page filling, number of friends, and others, which will add realism to what is happening.

    Voting with likes can be either with joining the group or without joining. They can be in a photo album, on a community wall, or in a group thread.

  • VK vote cheating: polls


    VK vote cheating through polls has a wider variation than likes. With the latest changes to VKontakte, polls can be both single and multi-polls, where you can vote for several options at once. These options can be chosen either permanently (that is, choose 1-2-3 of the same ones), or by choosing only one, the rest of the options can be made randomly. Polls can be on the wall, in a topic, pinned, in an open or closed group, only votes of group members are accepted, or they can be anonymous.

  • Voting cheat VK: applications


    The cheating of VK votes through applications developed by the programmers of VKontakte itself is very difficult, but it does take place. Admins can set a huge number of settings, so it makes no sense to list them now, just drop us an example in the chat and we will tell you what is needed. Prices for such votes are twice as high as regular votes.


It is not always necessary that the accounts from which the votes were made be of high quality or from a certain city, and of course this also affects the price.

Everything is quite simple here. There are anonymous votes, why invest a lot of money in them for high-quality accounts, when you can wind up naked bots, the common people with “dogs”. Also, in federal contests, you can use accounts only from Russia or Ukraine or any other country, depending on where the voting takes place. Other parameters, such as gender or age, can also be omitted if the subject of the competition is not narrowly focused.

Know that you can always chat with us for free and get the right advice that will save you money!

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