Cheat votes in VK online with joining a group or public!

If you had to participate in a creative contest among users of a social network In contact with. It doesn't matter which competition. It could be a vote for the best photo, drawing, song, or story. Then you noticed that often the winners of such competitions are not the best competitive works. Moreover, the advantage of the leaders is several thousand votes in their favor. How so? Why?! The answer is that votes are being cheated in VK online, it is here that the most convincing and crushing victories have been achieved.

There are services that, for a small fee, can wind up votes in your favor in any online voting. And the most advanced inhabitants of Vkontakte actively use such services, methodically winning competition after competition.

What about you? And you continue to humiliately spam your contact list and beg your friends and followers to vote for you or repost the note "Vote for me please." This is how you can win. But it takes a lot of time and does not guarantee any result.

It is much more convenient to use our cheat service. Spend just a few minutes filling out the application and you are sure to win. Do not spare money for cheating. Usually, the costs are paid off by competitive trophies: gifts, bonuses and prizes.

We have been in the process of cheating votes for many years. We were at the origins of this industry. We know everything about cheat technology. And we use the most advanced wrapping methods. After contacting us, you can confidently count on winning any contest with voting. One hundred percent!




Voting in VK online is divided into three types. We, as a universal cheat service, work with all options.

  • Cheat votes in VK online with one choice

    The only choice

    You can only select one voter from the list. You can only vote for one participant per account. Recently, the VK administration has introduced a new voting technology with a single choice. Visually, the old and new versions differ only in the design of the survey itself. Unlike our competitors, we work with both types of surveys.

  • Cheat votes in VK online with a choice

    Multi-selection (multiple choice)

    From one account, you can select several contestants from the list. In such a vote, cheating happens faster

  • Cheat votes in VK online with an introduction

    Cheat votes in VK online with an introduction

    The group administration sets the condition that only members or subscribers of this group can vote in the contest. The administration of the public introduces such an additional condition in order to avoid cheating. Some cheat services cannot cope with such a primitive protection system. And we do it easily. Just as easily, we bypass all other anti-cheat protection systems. We always produce high-quality promotion, which is not in doubt either among the organizers of the polls or the participants.


We wind up voting from high-quality VK accounts. These are not some dead pages with dogs instead of an avatar. We own and constantly maintain our database of VK accounts. And for each account we conduct social activity. We publish news on the walls. Each of our accounts has its own network of friends and followers. Has multiple avatars. Regularly likes and comments on other people's posts. Those. there is a complete emulation of the human presence. We are constantly cleaning our database - deleting blocked accounts and expanding the database - adding new accounts. Voting is cheated using our database of VK accounts. Such cheating does not arouse suspicion in anyone. If you want to maintain even deeper conspiracy, then you can set the speed at which the cheating will take place. Agree, if in one hour you collected a thousand votes at once, it will look suspicious. But if you wind this thousand smoothly in a day, then this is normal. Assign any winding speed. Pay for the order, and we are guaranteed to fulfill it.


In fairness, of course, there are free options for cheating votes on the network, but we highly do not recommend them for low quality

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