Cheat votes do good or make way for the young!

Even with the naked eye it is already noticeable how in just one year contests and voting on various sites have changed their protection, they have become more complex, with various bells and whistles, authorizations and many checks for robots. For example, cheating votes for good deeds can now be done only with the help of the ESIA, which means with the consent of the users of public services themselves. Software methods are used solely for distribution to users and drawing attention to your problem. We can provide you with such a service! Contact us!

VOTE Cheat VIRTUE AND MORE: illustrative examples

In order to understand the essence of the changes, check out the examples that we will provide below. They clearly demonstrate the significance of the changes in voting in 2018.
  • cheating votes in 2018 on the example of the national budget


    The vote cheating of 2018 is well demonstrated on the website national budgetwhere you can make your own way or repair the school by voting. If last year it was only required to enter mail and receive a code for confirmation, now a unique IP is needed each time, and the IP must be Russian, located directly next to the place that the customer wants to repair. It is very difficult for a non-professional to pick up such IPs, and after this IP you need to go through the most complex and constantly changing captcha from Google.

  • cheat votes 2018 on the example of kva kva


    On the website of the kva-kva park there was such a funny contest as miss qua-qua, seems to be quite simple, just register on the site via mail, pass a simple captcha and vote. However, the administration of the commercial site tracked IP addresses by geolocation Moscow (since this particular city could take part), as well as the mail itself, which should have been registered in Moscow or the region, that is, the person living under this mail. Our 2018 vote cheat is focused on all the nuances on the sites and you can safely entrust us with your contest!

  • cheat votes 2018 on the website dobrodel


    On the site doer through which a large number of problems are solved, you can vote only by logging in through public services. And everyone knows that no one has yet defeated the system of public services. However, there are loopholes in virtue itself, and we know them. Therefore, the cheating of votes in 2018 is so relevant on this site.



What we have listed above is just the tip of the iceberg, only a small part of what the administration focuses on when identifying low-quality players. You always need to start with the postulates, and this is the hardware through which the voice passes, that is, the poppy address and the assembly of the PC or the tablet with the phone.

The same phone, be it a Samsung or an Apple, has different MAC addresses, what can we say about the systems inside them? These can be various kinds of operating systems, in one case, which are updated to the latest version, and in the other, the standard factory one. Browsers, history of site visits, queries in search engines, authorized and no social networks, communication with friends in messengers - all this affects various kinds of parameters that are now monitored by competent administrators.

Naturally, there will be no such checks and protections in the local competition for little girls, but if we talk about nominations for a musical or some other award, or about state titles, then everything will be difficult and verifiable. You must not forget about these parameters. Especially when you attract the attention of public services, the cheating of the voices of virtue is used only by living people. We do not do it ourselves, we create the conditions for the votes of good deeds!

With our team that has been working on the market for a long time, keeps track of the latest security innovations, looks for loopholes, bypasses them not only programmatically, but also with the help of social engineering, you will be in safe hands. We can safely say that the cheating of votes in 2018 is within our control in absolutely all cases.


Look carefully and think about whether you need such a cheap "victory"?

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