Cheat votes on sites!

Many people ask themselves the question - how do ordinary-looking personalities and works win in various competitions, but really worthy ones, for example, photos remain on the sidelines? It's very simple - the winners use our services, cheating votes on sites is the surest way! Despite the fact that solid online contests are protected, cheat methods exist. You can wind up the voices yourself, but the main thing here is not to sleep. We will tell you where and how vote cheating is used on websites a little later, but now let's look at their types.


We will tell you about the main types of vote cheating that are used most often, but of course there are many more of them, they can be combined or mutually exclusive.
  • cheating votes on sites through ip and captcha


    The most common protection, used on almost all sites. IPs can be limited both in terms of anonymity and geolocation, that is, from a certain country (for example, Kazakhstan) or a certain city (for example, Saransk). Captcha can be either just a symbolic picture, or some kind of mathematical problem, or even a check “I'm not a robot” where, by the name of the task, you need to logically choose from these pictures (for example, choose chimneys). An example of such a vote is community of crypto projects on which a new currency is chosen. Cheating votes on sites with such protection is quite easy for professionals, here you just need to pick up an IP and solve the captcha with our robots.

  • cheating votes on sites through authorization or registration


    An extremely clear scheme often used both on forums and on news sites is registration or authorization. When registering, an email is used, to which a link or code comes, when authorizing, you need to log in through social networks or through the same email. The cost increases due to the fact that accounts cost some money. Cheating votes on sites with authorization, depending on the social network, costs from 3 rubles, while registration via mail costs from 1 ruble. No need to rack your brains, you can immediately go to geometry site and see all these options at once.

  • cheating votes on sites with SMS confirmation


    Cheating votes on sites with SMS sending or receiving a code is the most expensive (of the above). If everything is clear about sending to a short number, there is a fixed fee for sending, you just need to change the phone number (which will not be particularly important from which country), then receiving the SMS code is more difficult, since the phone number usually must correspond to either the country , or what is more difficult, the city. Depending on these parameters, the price varies. You can look at this type of voting by going to the site where the contest was held librarian of the year




Following these recommendations, you will definitely be able to wind up votes on the sites. However, not the fact that qualitatively.
  • cheating votes on websites through anomizers


    If the voting is tied to the IP of the computer, then any anonymizer or VPN that changes IP addresses can help you, although most often such addresses are already blacklisted. There is a big chance to be dishonored and even lose hope of winning. You can also download the voting software from the site and catch the viruses, so don't be deceived yourself by trying to defame.

  • cheating votes on sites through a proxy


    You need to get a lot of proxies somewhere. You can try to search Google for PROXY LIST, Free proxy today, Free proxy. You can enter these proxies manually into the browser, which will take an extremely long time, or you can use programs like Switcher / FoxyProxy Standard / One Click Proxy IP / Proxy Switchy, etc. For such IP addresses, a complicated captcha is most often provided, which will slow down the process. You can buy paid proxy servers, for 1 thousand IP addresses be prepared to pay from 3,000 to 10,000 thousand Russian rubles. In addition, working through free proxies slows down the Internet.

  • cheating votes on sites through user agents

    User Agents

    To vote in contests, you need to change not only the IP address and erase cookies, but also change the User Agent. To quickly change the type and version of the browser, the User Agent Overrider browser extensions or, for example, user-agent switcher for chrome, will help you. It is quite possible to get 200-250 votes per day using such simple methods.

  • cheating votes on websites through social networks

    Social networks

    To vote, you will need social media accounts or email addresses to validate your votes. And somewhere, both. All of them are sold online. Look for social media account stores. The average price for 1 account on VKontakte is 10-15 rubles. This is not difficult. You can also buy mailboxes in such stores, the prices for mail are 12-17 kopecks. True, it often happens that there are a lot of broken accounts in them and costs rise.

  • cheating votes on websites through programs


    Do not use special programs to cheat voting! These are hacker programs that are written in order to get important information from your computer or phone! And if you have powerful hardware, then it will start mining bitcoins for evil hackers! And you pay for electricity, and then for a dead video card.

  • cheating votes on websites with the help of familiar IT people

    IT people

    Familiar IT specialists who study or work as system administrators in your company will not always be able to help you more effectively than you yourself. Since they can apply all of the above actions and simply lead you to the fact that the administration of the site or contest will ban you.


Before using these manuals, nevertheless, consult with professionals, otherwise you may simply be banned.

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