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Many sites work with a template method and do not even want to come up with anything new. For example, most of our competitors, when a client contacts them with such an order as cheating votes via a link, refuse them. All because these people are just outbidding services from the Chinese, Indians and Americans. Of course, why produce something new and take a steam bath when you can just outbid? Familiar thinking? But not on this site! We are ready to fulfill any order for any link that you provide.

Since voting usually takes place through social networks, the country of residence of the voters plays an important role. If the competition is held in Belarus, then a large number of cheated votes from China or Nicaragua causes bewilderment and suspicion. To make the cheat look more or less believable, you can independently choose the source country of the votes in your favor.

You can also set a period of time in which the promotion will be carried out. We can cast hundreds of votes in your favor in just a few minutes. This option is suitable for the final spurt in the competition, when you need to do a lot in a matter of seconds. But if time permits, then the same hundreds or thousands of votes can be stretched out over several days. This is how the promotion looks most natural and does not arouse suspicion among the organizers. The customer himself chooses which way he will go to victory in the competition: by a dagger strike, or by a calm ascent to the pedestal. In any case, we will lead you to victory! Contact.




Everywhere and always there are nuances, so the examples listed below with a focus on prices may not always be a postulate

Cheating votes by link is not an easy task. There are many subtleties and nuances here. Each site with voting contains its own system of protection against cheating. Of course, any protection can be bypassed. But the final amount of work for cheating can be estimated only after analyzing the customer's situation. And only then can we talk about specific prices.

We've provided a few examples below that don't postulate pricing, but at least illustrate the idea of varying labor costs across sites.

The simplest way to cheat votes by link is voting with changing cookies. It is inexpensive, from 20 to 50 kopecks per voice. But such votes are almost non-existent, or are held in tiny, insignificant competitions with a penny prize fund. The modern minimum standard for voting is to check votes at least by IP. I have to buy. This immediately increases the cost of cheating.

And if the verification of voting takes place by mail, or with solving captcha? Here, each vote is worth a few rubles. And what if the organizers have turned up mail, captcha, cookies, and IP verification at the same time? You understand that cheating here will require enormous labor costs and appropriate payment.

Seek advice from our professionals. Inform the address of the competition in which you need to wind up votes. They will analyze the situation and name the final cost of cheating. You can be sure that the rates will not be extortionate, but will be adequate to your situation and upcoming labor costs. Also, you can be sure of the result. There will be votes. And there will be many. There will be victory.

We wind up votes quickly, with high quality. And confidently bring you to victory in any competition.

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