Cheat Telegram votes, subscribers and views!

Telegram has burst into our lives and cannot be stopped, even though the short-sighted government is trying to do it. They fought against it with the help of IP address bans, they tried to ban channels in search engines, they wrote to mobile platforms about blocking downloads. Useless! It is believed that cheating telegram votes is not possible, however, this is not the case and we can demonstrate this. Among other things, we also provide a boost of subscribers and channel views, and for special connoisseurs we can collect a database and make spam mailings. But let's focus on voices for now. What can we provide?


We offer the following types of quality through which votes will go to your contest
  • cheating telegram votes through autoreg


    Cheating Telegram votes through autoregistered telegram accounts is the case when you need to choose a fairly cheap option, but not to burn yourself out. All telegram accounts have avatars, last name, first name and some kind of completed profile. If necessary, for an additional fee, we can set up an autoresponder for each account if the votes are checked by the contest administration in the telegram.

    Cost: from 5 rubles

  • cheat telegram votes through tasks


    Boosting telegram votes through tasks on job exchanges will significantly increase the cost, but the speed and quantity will not always be greater. Since all this depends on the human factor, which is not possible to predict. But it will be, of course, living people who will vote for a certain person.

    Cost: from 8 rubles

  • cheat telegram votes through advertising


    By disseminating information about the contest and calling to vote for the person we need in chats or even for specific users in a specific geolocation, you will gain the required number of coveted points. You only pay for votes, we cover advertising costs.

    Cost: from 12 rubles




We also work in other areas in the telegram, since this platform is quite in demand and brings in millions of rubles in revenue for channels.

Our service professionally winds up the most important metrics Telegram'a. In our arsenal there is spam, views and subscribers for telegram channels.

The first thing we can offer is the cheating of telegram channel subscribers:
The more subscribers the channel has, the higher it is in the charts and the more people come from the search results of the telegram itself, since it is by this parameter that orientation is carried out. If the channel has a lot of subscribers, the more chance it has to catch the eye of a wide audience and collect a lot more followers. Young "empty" channels are doomed to vegetate in the basement of search results and slowly die.
A reasonable way out of this situation is to cheat subscribers using telegram bots. Our service will fully satisfy your demand for subscribers. We have no restrictions on the number, so there would be money, and we will make subscribers for you.

The second, but not unimportant factor is the cheating of views in Telegram:
Advertisers are very fond of channels with an active audience that reads a lot of posts. Accordingly, such channels earn a lot from advertising.
Our service also provides a service for cheating views. We will complete your order quickly and efficiently. Place an order, and soon your channel will receive high ratings and top status.

And the third option is spam by channels and users:
With the help of spam, you can distribute any information, find customers or performers, increase citation, or promote a video, public, or website in a narrow-profile audience. There are a lot of options on how to use this service, there would be a desire.

We recommend checking social metrics regularly. So a potential advertiser will have a desire to cooperate with your channel for a long time. And your investment in the promotion of social metrics will always pay off. And the channel will grow, develop and bring more and more profit.


Of course, there are also free options for cheating votes, subscribers and views of telegram channels on the network, but use them at your own peril and risk

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