Cheat VK views: on videos and posts!

You definitely need a boost in VK views! Why? Social networks give a ghostly hope that it is very easy to become popular - after all, they reach hundreds of millions of people and, it would seem, it is enough just to post an interesting video. It often happens that you wrote an excellent article or made the same video about politics, social problems or domestic conflicts, and the number of views increases by 1-2 per day. What to do? How to attract interest to the problem, or vice versa - to a funny video?


We can wind up your video or post on the wall of your account, group, public, we can also make a successful seeding of your video or post for any geolocation, from the narrowest (street) to the widest (CIS)
  • cheat views vk: video


    We can both distribute the video to real people, and wind up video views by bots so that it goes to the top for a certain request or to scare someone?)

    From 100 rubles for 1000 views.

  • cheat views VK: posts


    We can wind up views of posts of both a specific post and all new posts coming out in a public or on an account, that is, a subscription to views.

    From 100 rubles for 1000 views.

  • cheat views VK: live broadcast


    Stories, they are now everywhere and are wildly popular. We can wind them up for you in any quantities.

    From 200 rubles for 1000 views.



We offer a very effective promotion of video views and notes in the most popular social network in Runet VKontakte. You may have already come across similar offers, but you should be very careful in this market - after all, unscrupulous services lure customers with low prices and the latter often end up on the blacklists of VKontakte administrators. We will help you avoid this and be in the TOP!

The advantages of our service for boosting views of videos and posts on VKontakte:
- only real accounts of living people
- you don't need to install any software
- we guarantee the quality of our work
— sane cost of cheating service
- round-the-clock opportunity to place an order with us
– various payment systems

Thanks to our help, you will be able to distribute your content among millions of VKontakte users very quickly! In addition, when ordering, you can specify the criteria you need - gender, age, geo, and others. Buying a cheat from us is as easy as one click!


Try it, maybe you will be lucky, you will not be banned

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