Sale and promotion of reposts on VKontakte!

In the most popular social network in Russia and nearby Russian-speaking countries, VKontakte, reposts (or “Share”) are more preferred than likes and comments - it so happened that the last two actions are only a tribute. At least experts and SMMs perceive current trends this way. So the ideal option for promoting your account, as well as a group / public, would be to purchase reposts. This is what our service offers! Cheat reposts VKontakte - win popularity with the help of reposts!


We are ready to select for you individual conditions for ordering according to some special criteria.
  • cheating VKontakte reposts by bots


    Cheat reposts on VKontakte from any users without sampling the quality of accounts and guarantees for debiting or banning the bots themselves.

    From 250 rubles for 1000 reposts.

  • cheat reposts VKontakte by country


    VKontakte repost promotion in such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others. The speed and price depends on the country indicated when order.

    From 500 rubles for 1000 reposts.

  • cheating VKontakte reposts by real people


    Cheat reposts on VKontakte from real people by driving them to advertising, using their services for a fee or using a contest.

    From 700 rubles for 1000 reposts.



Our services will help you reach the top of popularity on the VKontakte social network, because the one who clicks the "Share" button lets all his followers know that a post, photo, video or article deserves to be in his account. Thus, you can easily get a viral effect for your publication! With the help of such reposts, you not only get faithful like-minded people, but also distribute the necessary information. Which, in turn, according to experts, is the best criterion for popularity!

Against the backdrop of the popularity of such a service as "purchase of reposts", a lot of fraudulent sites have spread on the Internet that use bots and methods of "gray" cheating. Therefore, we draw your attention to the fact that our service uses only REAL people in its work and does not resort to dangerous means. After all, it is far from a secret that if you cheat incorrectly, your account will be blocked!

Our prices for boosting reposts are reasonable and the convenience of the service lies in the fact that the payment process is differentiated. Here you can order a sample by age, gender, education, regional affiliation and other parameters. Such an exact division will help promote your account in the right niche!


We repeat, using these methods we are not responsible for your accounts, we only show you examples of free cheating

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