A site for cheating any vote counters!

The meaning of all kinds of Internet voting, contests or online tournaments is to get as many Internet users as possible to vote for you or your competitive work. But private individuals do not always participate in the competition. Various cities compete - where the architecture is better, the streets are cleaner or the level of cultural events is higher. Hotels compete in quality of service and services. Members of professional communities compete with each other, choosing the best of the best in their environment. In order not to worry about the fate of the vote, you did the right thing by coming to our site to cheat any vote counters.


Usually, any site for cheating votes shows a potential customer only the prices and volumes that they can fulfill, but we want to show you exactly how we bypass the system and what makes up the price of voting
  • website for voting


    Our site for cheating, of course, first of all cheats votes. If this is voting by IP address in a given geolocation, then with sufficiently large volumes, the cost will be from 50 kopecks per vote. But if at the same time you need to pass some other test for work, for example, enter Google captcha (this is when you need to click the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, and then let’s choose hydrants or any other task from 9 pictures), then the price will increase with volumes of another ruble. And so all the votes add up. If there is soap + IP + captcha, then the price will already consist of all these three components. Contact our consultant, he will orient you on the price.

  • Website for petitions


    Our site for cheating petitions differs from others in that we immediately talk about the risks associated with cheating and outline the limits on each of the platforms. Let's say that on the site change org it's up to 10,000 per day, this is exactly the safe number that you can safely turn without write-offs. And on the same petition to the president, you can twist more than 50,000 per day, there are no limits on this. Petitions differ in that registration is required there, which can take place both with verification through the mail and with verification through the phone (the arrival of an SMS code) and, depending on these parameters, the price increases or decreases. Send us a message and we'll give you a free consultation.

  • Cheat on a social networking site


    Various polls from local authorities or competitions of commercial organizations often take place in social networks. It is quite quick and easy to make a survey there, and the response will not be long in coming. Our site for cheating polls on social networks offers several options to choose from, the first is the bots of which can be safely used in anonymous polls, the second are the accounts of real people who cannot be distinguished, because they themselves do not know what they voted for, and the third are real people who are for perform tasks for a certain amount. Prices are constantly changing due to the peculiarities of the market, if you want to know the current one, please contact us in the chat!



Winning online voting is not just an ambitious whim. The victory entails quite specific economic consequences. The city with the most beautiful architecture attracts more tourists. The winning hotel attracts more guests. And the winner in the competition of professional communities is quoted higher in the labor market. For the sake of victory, it is worth investing effort and money.

And the contestants are investing in full. Relatives, friends and acquaintances are mobilized to vote for them.
Thus, the competition turns into a competition "who has more friends." But even if there are a lot of friends, this does not guarantee a win. Not every one of them will agree to vote for you. Yes, you will not be able to turn to each person individually for help. There won't be enough time.
It turns out that it is very difficult to really influence the result of the competition with voting.

“Influencing the result” is a difficult but doable task. Our team will support you in any online contest with voting.
For a reasonable and small amount, we will wind up the counter of any vote in your favor. Contact us with clear instructions on where, when and for whom to vote. And indicate the number of votes that it is desirable to “wind up” in your favor. The manager will promptly process the order and issue an invoice. You will only have to pay and watch how votes are added in your favor.

Your victory will not cause doubts among the organizers of the competition. We add voices according to a special algorithm: in small portions with non-repeating time intervals. Such an algorithm imitates a natural, naturalistic voting process, as if people vote for you gradually, as they usually do in life.

Contact us. With the help of our unique vote cheating algorithm, we will quickly arrange a victory for you at a low and reasonable price.


This is what the wrong use of “free” lures can lead to, which in fact will simply ban you

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