Emulation of VKontakte: subscription of public activity!

It has long been no secret that social networks have become a powerful tool for business promotion, and not just a service for dating and communication. In order for your group to always be in the TOP of the search, it is necessary to organize an emulation of activity in the community, because if there are no likes for new posts, an increase in the number of views and reposts, then the public will be on the lowest lines in the search results. Our VKontakte emulation is of the highest quality and not expensive, order from us!


We provide you with a choice of various options for cheating VKontakte emulation in publics, communities, on people's accounts
  • VKontakte emulation: subscription to post views


    Vkontakte emulation: subscription to post views. You set the required number of posts, the total number of likes, respectively, in your mind, divide the likes by the number of posts and an approximate + - this number will be wound on them.

    From 10 rubles for 100 pieces.

  • VKontakte emulation: subscription to likes and reposts


    Vkontakte emulation: subscription to cheat likes and reposts of your community or account. pay the required number of likes, set the time (day, week, month) and they are evenly distributed over the desired period.

    From 50 rubles for 100 pieces.

  • VKontakte emulation: subscription to uniques and coverage


    Cheat unique visitors and audience coverage for group and public statistics.

    From 50 rubles for 100 pieces.



Reaction to new posts with likes

This method is the simplest and at the same time the most effective. Here, various likes are randomly placed on new comments, which attracts attention, organizes discussion, and arouses interest in the topic.

Increasing views in groups with the help of wrapping

Emulation of such activity is the most natural. Provide your VKontakte public or random post with new visitors, and in the future they may become permanent members of your group!

Reposts of random posts

In order for reposts to work most effectively, it is best to choose random posts or comments. Our emulation of activity will allow them to distribute new records among comrades, acquaintances and other recipients.

In order to stay in the TOP always, you need to use our services to emulate VKontakte activity

In addition, the use of our services does not imply narrow knowledge in this area - just specify the time and number of active actions per day. After that, the cost of our services will be automatically calculated. Note that you will immediately see the result of working with us. And your group will get new subscribers and active discussions!


There can be all sorts of ways, some of them, in the free version are presented here

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