Cheat votes free test

Cheat votes free test for customers!

Oh, how many wonderful discoveries this 2022 has brought us, and it’s only the beginning of the year…However, while some climb into the noose in a panic, others see new opportunities and redistribution of the market in this. Naturally, thanks to cost optimization and better marketing. And what is marketing? Correctly! Contests and voting in which people will receive prizes and recognition. And from our side, this is a free vote cheat test for downloaders who want to become winners.

cheating votes for free with the UP test




Definitely with examples, as you must understand and understand!
  • cheating votes for free with a click test


    This type of voting is a list on a website or forum where you need to click on your candidate and maybe even click "vote". Everything, the simplest and easiest form of voting. There are plenty of examples of such voting, for example, on the website eco-look the works of various applicants are exhibited where you just need to click on the picture and click like. The cost of such a voting is from 1 to 4 rubles, it all depends on the quality, the votes are cheated for free, the test is done only on our website!

  • cheating votes for free with a test in registration


    Before voting on such sites, you definitely need to register - this may be registration with filling in personal data and confirmation of the link by mail, or you may need to confirm via SMS code to your phone or even a call from this site. It all depends on the scale of the competition and the “bets”. We guarantee you that our free test vote cheat always comes from high-quality accounts, so you will not be disappointed. As an example of such a vote - comfortable yugra. Here you need to register, and then vote.

  • cheating votes for free with an authorization test


    An excellent example of such a competition can be viewed on the website. multiland in which, in order to be able to vote for a child, you need to make an authorization through social networks. But it’s not always just VKontakte, this can include any social networks, as well as government services, as they are becoming more popular, and some resources make a separate ecosystem for themselves. Cheating votes for free with a test takes place when you contact us in the chat, we look and say how many votes we can make.


It would be nice to understand not only the types of voting, but also the quality of the cheat itself before doing it at your contest

Of course, everything again depends on the methods that you will apply to the type of voting. For example, for one-click voting, we will be able to select four options for you at once, the cheapest and most dangerous is cheating votes using IP addresses taken from the Internet, which are in the public domain, there are a lot of them, they come from all over the world and they are the easiest burn the site admins.

Next come Russian proxies, which are not so easy to get, these are usually purchased pools, which are already more difficult to trace by geolocal sign, but it is technically possible to track variants with computer fingerprints.

The most reliable options are those with full human emulation and voting with the help of real people, both of these options cost many times more, but in the latter case, we can guarantee that cheating votes for free with a test for our clients will be proof of this.

Try different things, look at the quality of the site, look at the strength of the administrators of groups and sites themselves, because what works for some, you can get banned from others.


We have compiled videos for you that can help you.

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SMS cheat. Sending to a short number.

SMS cheat. Sending to a short number!

Every year, various competitions and voting are held on all central channels in such projects as the singer of the year, the best artist, the most relevant group and others. Perhaps each of them has its own jury or different approaches to submission, but one thing remains the same - they all use a rating that is compiled by SMS voting. You need to send an SMS with some text or numbers to a four-digit short number! This is where we appear, helping - cheating SMS by sending to a short number in a short time and with a large amount. But let's talk about everything in order.




Cheat SMS voting can be used in several cases ...
  • cheat sms on cell


    SMS cheating by sending some kind of message to a cell number is usually used for regional competitions, such as school elections, branded company ratings with prizes, and local administration polls. The cost of such SMS usually does not exceed a ruble. You can complete large volumes in a short time.

  • sms cheat on short number


    SMS cheat by sending some short text or symbols to a short number usually consisting of four digits. Quite often it is used at the federal level in competitions and voting on various TV channels or radio. The cost depends on the operator and an additional fee of 10 to 30 rubles may be charged. To win such a contest and wind up SMS, you will need sufficient investment of money. However, we will be able to provide you with a sufficient number of numbers (respectively, votes) in the tens of thousands.

  • cheat sms on whatsapp and viber


    Cheat SMS by sending a message with the desired text to a WhatsApp number or a viber group. Increasingly, they are used to draw some prizes in groups and publics, both local and federal. The cost of this voting depends on the volume, the number of characters of the text and the speed of execution.


In what ways can we provide the mechanics of cheating SMS ...

First of all, of course, these are job exchanges in which people complete tasks for money. This method has both pluses and minuses. When checking, in the event of a call, a person can always pick up the phone and confirm that he really voted. However, there are not so many people on job exchanges, it will be possible to cheat SMS with this method only 1000-2000 votes.

More interesting is the method with a software option, in which tens of thousands of SIM cards will send SMS via software. The speed with this method is the highest, the volumes can be performed as high as possible. However, when calling these numbers, operators will only hear “the subscriber is not online”, which is of course suspicious.

Forwarding. It is also a software way to cheat SMS, but at the same time, all SIM cards and numbers, respectively, will redirect callers to some numbers, which will have a charitable effect during verification. However, the cost will increase exponentially.


These are just individual examples that should not be taken as a basis.

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Wind up the rating of cryptocurrencies - the rating of coins with promotion

The gold rush of the 21st century is how you can characterize the pursuit of coins. Some mine already existing well-known brands like bitcoin and ether, others create their own cryptocurrencies and try to promote them. For such young coins (coins), various ratings of crypto-currencies have been invented, in which we can help to increase the rating of crypto-currencies.

But first, let's figure out how many coin rating sites exist ...




At the moment, about twelve sites are the most popular for young coins, if you did not find yours in this list, on which you would like to increase the rating of cryptocurrencies, you can always turn to our specialists, they will tell you about volumes and prices.

Increase the rating of cryptocurrencies on the site only registered accounts, confirmed and verified. It is in our power to make more than 100,000 votes daily.

coin rating


Rating of coins with website promotion goes very slowly, as it costs a lot of defenses. The main algorithm is registration via twitter with confirmation. We can also make a lot of voices here, but the speed will not be high.

coin rating


Cryptocurrency rating 2021 replenished with a website which is protected in the form of a unique network address and hcaptcha captcha. We can perform a large number of voices in a given period of time.

coin rating


Cryptocurrency rating for today on the site one of the strongest defenses, many votes will not work. It also costs 3 google captcha. We can provide you with up to 20,000 votes.

coin rating


Website coin rating cheat it is also carried out by means of unique IP addresses with confirmation of recaptcha. We can perform 20-40 thousand votes one time. If you apply in advance, the figure can be increased.

coin rating

FROM 2 RUBLES — cryptocurrency coin rating speaks for itself. The usual protection for such sites is by IP address and HCAPTCH. We can provide a large number of votes in a given time frame.

coin rating


The site is included in the TOP rating of cryptocurrencies voting on which can be done only by registered and confirmed users. It has speed limits, it is not recommended to do a lot in one day.

coin rating


The list of cryptocurrencies rating also includes on which there is a check for a unique IP with the protection of the third recaptcha. We can do a lot.

coin rating

FROM 2 RUBLES it is a cryptocurrency rating platform differs in some features. Despite the simple registration, the protection of the third recaptcha misses not every vote, however, we will be able to make more than 20k votes, but we do not guarantee a high speed.

coin rating


Increase the rating of cryptocurrencies on the project Rival Finance it will not be easy, it has a cloudfler + difficult registration. We can make 10000-20000 votes, maybe more, but the speed will depend on the bandwidth of the cloudflyer.

Rival Finance

coin rating


The hardest of all rating platform for coins The more you do, the slower it goes. Filtering by unique network addresses with recaptcha3.

coin rating


And finally cryptocurrency rating online from - simple voting with the ability to raise the rating up to 20,000 votes daily.

coin rating



As we said earlier, young businesses need help, so young cryptocurrencies should definitely be included in the ratings, an increase in them increases the price of your crypto.



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Komsomolskaya Pravda contest - Cheat KP.RU

There is no such person who would not have heard about the site Komsomolskaya Pravda, the competition on this site is an integral part of all the content that is being created. Here you have a radio, a website, and a newspaper. And there are competitions everywhere. And if everything is more complicated in the radio and the newspaper, then Komsomolskaya Pravda voting on the site at first glance is relatively easy to wind up, but in practice, there are both different types of voting, and the number sometimes goes over thousands.

Let's first understand the type of voting ...

Komsomolskaya Pravda competition and voting: cheating from different IPs, through social networks and with the help of real people




Of all the types of Komsomolskaya Pravda contests, we can single out a few main ones - this is a like with a unique network address, with authorization through social networks and voting with pre-moderation


A prime example of such a competitionMiss Consequence 2021". Everything is quite simple here, go to the site, choose the participant you like and click like. The like is tracked by the network address, so several types of cheating can be applied here: firstly, a unique IP world (usually all countries of the world), which can affect the check, so they go without guarantees, a high probability of write-offs. Secondly, unique Russian IP addresses that, when checked, will give positive results, however, if there are a lot of complaints and the administration digs “deeply”, they will be able to calculate by devices, but still this low probability of write-offs, we also do not guarantee this type of voting give. And finally, the third type is real people (emulation of real people: working with scrolling / mouse emulation, touching the necessary objects) which comes with a guarantee against write-off.


Last year there were quite a lot of such types on the Komsomolskaya Pravda website, the contest "postcard for mom' is a good example of this. In order to put a like, you must first go through the login procedure, usually this is done either through Yandex mail and mail, or through social networks such as Twitter, VKontakte, Facebook, classmates and Google. With one account, you can vote for several participants and even return to the site in a day and vote for the participant again. It also does not do without pitfalls: you can use it as one-time accounts without avatars, friends, a completed profile and posts on the wall, when checking, such votes are usually written off, so this type comes without guarantees. Another option is live voices - these are filled-in accounts that have avatars, friends, posts on the wall and everything else done in order not to be distinguished from real people, such voices come with a guarantee.


The most complex and most massive contests on the Komsomolskaya Pravda resource, voting is checked for a unique IP, a unique account on social networks, mail is usually not allowed at all, and the same social networks with a large number of inputs can simply be stupidly removed. So, every year happens with the contest "people's precinct". Voting counters are updated several times a day, after the moderators check all the above parameters, weed out repetitions / fakes. This type of competition is difficult, but nothing is unbeatable.


If you are a participant in one of the voting, then most likely you understand that for the most part there are no prizes, as a matter of fact, there are “certificates” and it is rather a matter of principle. But of course, there are not only symbolic bonuses from victory, you can at least see yourself on TV.



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Competition people's precinct wrapping

The competition of the national precinct has been held for more than a year, many participants know that it is not easy to win just like that and get to the third stage. Some resort to the help of their “seniors” (and often it is the “seniors” who tell the participants to fight to the end and sponsor them), others gather in their departments, the third most intelligent ones turn to our help. The people's precinct vote cheating was both in the first stage of voting, and even more so at the finish line.

Here we will tell you about the stages of passing the competition of the people's precinct, the types of voting that await each participant, as well as the ways to cheat and win in this competition. Still, they want to get the coveted a-a-a-a-car! But first things first…

competition people's precinct cheating




There are three stages of the national precinct competition: local, regional and all-Russian.


The competition of the national precinct is held and selected at the level of the city and region. That is, the struggle is going on among the local precincts, precincts. If we are talking about megacities, then they usually win with 500-1000 votes, if we are talking about provinces, then 100-200 people are enough to win. At this stage, it is recommended to use the voices of living people, that is, cheating the people's precinct using the job exchange.


Here, the press of your department usually connects, hooting joyfully and spreading information across all media, they say, vote do not vote, anyway, someone will win. Large cities can collect up to 10,000 votes. At this stage, it is best to hold your horses, save and save a budget for the third. Therefore, we recommend combining job exchanges with programs so that bots are mixed with real people. So you will not lose quality, and at the same time save money.


Who is into what. It doesn’t matter what you use, programs, job exchanges, targeted advertising, publications in the media or distribute posts to public - the main thing is speed! The bill goes into thousands and even tens of thousands. People take loans, generals bash their wards, everything goes to the bank. We recommend using all possible tools for cheating the people's precinct.


Usually, the Ministry of Internal Affairs uses two methods of voting on their websites - this is with the help of captcha and with the help of authorization of social networks

It doesn't matter what type of voting is on your site, it can be the selection of a participant by clicking and verification by guessing the characters, or the authorization of users through social networks. What matters is how you get votes. We can offer you both an automatic system through programs and live users through job exchanges. In the first case, you will get speed, but the quality will be worse, but you will save more noticeably, in the second case, we will be able to offer you both speed and quality, but you will have to pay double for this pleasure.

If you are now confused, do not understand which method to apply, please contact the chat or the contacts listed on our website. We will select all the conditions for you, we will make a discount for a wholesale order and at the same time we will fully accompany your candidate, preventing others from getting around him! is the voice of your victory!



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Voting by link

boost votes by link

Cheat votes on the link!

Many sites work with a template method and do not even want to come up with anything new. For example, most of our competitors, when a client contacts them with such an order as cheating votes via a link, refuse them. All because these people are just outbidding services from the Chinese, Indians and Americans. Of course, why produce something new and take a steam bath when you can just outbid? Familiar thinking? But not on this site! We are ready to fulfill any order for any link that you provide.

Since voting usually takes place through social networks, the country of residence of the voters plays an important role. If the competition is held in Belarus, then a large number of cheated votes from China or Nicaragua causes bewilderment and suspicion. To make the cheat look more or less believable, you can independently choose the source country of the votes in your favor.

You can also set a period of time in which the promotion will be carried out. We can cast hundreds of votes in your favor in just a few minutes. This option is suitable for the final spurt in the competition, when you need to do a lot in a matter of seconds. But if time permits, then the same hundreds or thousands of votes can be stretched out over several days. This is how the promotion looks most natural and does not arouse suspicion among the organizers. The customer himself chooses which way he will go to victory in the competition: by a dagger strike, or by a calm ascent to the pedestal. In any case, we will lead you to victory! Contact.




Everywhere and always there are nuances, so the examples listed below with a focus on prices may not always be a postulate

Cheating votes by link is not an easy task. There are many subtleties and nuances here. Each site with voting contains its own system of protection against cheating. Of course, any protection can be bypassed. But the final amount of work for cheating can be estimated only after analyzing the customer's situation. And only then can we talk about specific prices.

We've provided a few examples below that don't postulate pricing, but at least illustrate the idea of varying labor costs across sites.

The simplest way to cheat votes by link is voting with changing cookies. It is inexpensive, from 20 to 50 kopecks per voice. But such votes are almost non-existent, or are held in tiny, insignificant competitions with a penny prize fund. The modern minimum standard for voting is to check votes at least by IP. I have to buy. This immediately increases the cost of cheating.

And if the verification of voting takes place by mail, or with solving captcha? Here, each vote is worth a few rubles. And what if the organizers have turned up mail, captcha, cookies, and IP verification at the same time? You understand that cheating here will require enormous labor costs and appropriate payment.

Seek advice from our professionals. Inform the address of the competition in which you need to wind up votes. They will analyze the situation and name the final cost of cheating. You can be sure that the rates will not be extortionate, but will be adequate to your situation and upcoming labor costs. Also, you can be sure of the result. There will be votes. And there will be many. There will be victory.

We wind up votes quickly, with high quality. And confidently bring you to victory in any competition.

Free consultation

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Proper promotion

Voting cheating on sites of any kind

Voting cheat service


Are you participating in a competition where you lack a couple (or maybe even more) votes before winning? Then you've come to the right place. Our voting cheat service deals with absolutely all types of polls and ratings.

Our main advantage is transparency! Voting cheat service from GolosPobed is always quality! Our experts only draw up the skeleton, and then you create the work of your service yourself and buy as many votes as you need. At any time, you can set the time for the execution of the order, speed it up or vice versa, slow it down.




As soon as you get to our site, you can choose to order online votes (if you are a more experienced user and this is not the first time you have encountered this), or get a free consultation from our specialists. As soon as you throw off the link to vote, the work goes according to the established scheme:

  • vote cheat service and program code


    We are creating a setting that will increase votes and rating

  • Voting cheat service and discount


    Discusses with you a convenient price per vote

  • vote cheat service and speed


    At any time you can change the distribution of votes in a given period.

We also draw your attention to the fact that our vote cheat service is always open for you - we can provide a log of work, which will contain complete statistics on cheat work. We cheat votes from different IP addresses, which helps protect you from blocking. Plus, you can adjust the speed of wrapping yourself.

Each of your twisted voice has a number of unique properties
Unique IP address
Statistics Tracking
Hassle-free speed and limit management
Setting up a service schedule

The cost of each vote depends on your preferences. We advise you to contact our consultant, who will accurately assess what you need. Or you can go to the main page and see the whole list of options there. Cheat votes online also present there.


When you come to our site, it happens that you only need a couple of dozen votes, while we accept orders from 400 rubles. Therefore, for your convenience, we decided to introduce you to some free options for cheating votes, here list for the transition, and below are the videos with which you will make a certain number of votes.

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How to wind up votes in voting yourself


Internet contests have become popular for a long time, but the trend for online voting has appeared relatively recently. The opportunity to vote for the participant you like attracts a large number of visitors, along with which traffic grows, and, as you know, it brings money. Competitions with a good prize fund are especially popular, and the more interesting the prizes, the more serious the passions around the competition. In this article I will tell you how to wind up votes in voting yourself. Let's take a look at a specific example, cheating votes on a well-known movie site.
  • how to wind up votes in voting through ip


    Have you wondered how to wind up the votes in the voting yourself? For obvious reasons, voting is always tracked IP- the address of each request. However, there are quite a few ways to get fresh proxies. Technically, changing the proxy to execute a new request is solved in one line with Url:

    curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_PROXY, $proxy_address);

    But any cheating should always start with preliminary intelligence. You can run your sniffer before voting starts. When identifying us as a unique visitor, the site sets a banal session in cookies, then, due to the category of films in the survey, the resource prompts us to indicate the age to confirm the age of majority. From the point of view of cheating, this works quite simply: the script checks the date of birth for each request, so cheat votes IP-addresses with the same date of birth would be very stupid. That is why, first of all, we must provide for grabbing a session with a random generation of a date of birth in cookie. To do this, it is enough at the very beginning of the script to put a global variable with the generated date in cookie:

    $cookie_session = array(
    'BIRTHDAY='.rand(1, 29).'-'.rand(1, 12).'-'.rand(1960, 1985),

    After confirming your age, you should register. To do this, just go to the registration page and enter personal data: first name, last name, email to receive an activation code, as well as text with captcha. Here, a problem similar to indicating the date of birth arises: with each new request, we must generate new names and surnames, since thousands of votes from Ivan Ivanov will alert the administrator. These variable personal data are easy to get on the Internet, for example, you can parse yourself from the site of names and surnames.

    The activation code will bring much more difficulties and captcha. So, after filling out the form, click on "register" and check the email, where we are already waiting for a letter with a link to go to confirm registration. Immediately after activating your account, you should log in, that is, go to the authorization page using your username and password. At the same time, in cookie you get a second session, which is responsible for accessing the account.

    Next, you need to go to the page of the video for which you want to wind up votes, and click on "vote". Ajax, through which the request is transmitted, will speed up the cheating process. In fact, that's all. However, you need to take into account all the details and trifles so that the cheating cannot be noticed, because a whole million rubles is at stake!

  • how to wind up votes in voting through headlines


    Any cheater is designed in such a way that you immediately want to add multithreading to it. However, this example is rather an exception to the rule, since multithreading will only hinder us. After all, if we organize the voting so that all the votes come in one minute, and then during the day there are none at all, then this will look very suspicious. Therefore, the best solution would be alternate voting with pauses. How to wind up votes in voting with pauses? More on this…

    Also, the browser (header useragent) should also be generated randomly for greater reliability, since “different” users, even theoretically, cannot use the same browser. For this purpose, I prepared a script with a lot of useragent. It is enough to add these two lines to it, which make it possible to randomly obtain a browser:

    $chosen_useragent = chooseBrowser();

    We move on. Usually the site sets up the session immediately, and then it is transmitted in each request via cookie. That's why the first step is to figure out which browser we're going to masquerade as, then get the session and insert it into every request. Ability to manipulate records cookie eat in cUrl, but I'm not a fan of this method, so I just save cookie in a global variable that is accessible from all functions. To do this, it is enough to make a request with a preset useragent to the main page of the site, then get cookiereturned by the server and save them for later use.

  • how to wind up votes in voting with loading scripts


    Do not ignore the moment, which, at first glance, may seem redundant. We are talking about the execution of absolutely all requests that the browser makes. The temptation to send a minimum of requests with data is great, but this is where the big mistake lies. Firstly, the site may have such a method of detecting cheating as counting hits by image. In this case, the number of downloads, for example, of a picture of a video clip, should be equal to the number of views of this video with a small error. Therefore, the number of visits must always exceed the number of votes. How to wind up votes in voting with uniques? We will talk about this in more detail below ... This is how not only cheating from left accounts is achieved, but also emulation of bots. I chose a ratio of 1:3, that is, one vote for every three views. At the same time, if you load only the video viewing page, increasing the number of views, then you need to load the rest of the visual content: JavaScript files, style sheets, and everything else up to the site icon. No other way. Indeed, for a hundred votes, a thousand visits are needed, and if a video clip image is downloaded only twenty times about a thousand visits, this will cause obvious suspicions.

    You can emulate absolutely the entire download in the following way. It is enough to use the special LiveHTTPHeaders plugin in the Mozilla Firefox browser (another option is Opera Dragonfly in the Opera browser), and then open the page with it. As a result, we will get a very long log of all accesses to all files that have been downloaded by this browser. This log needs to be saved in a file and two functions should be written to it. The first function will parse this log file and return an array of values, where the address of the file to be downloaded will be the key, and the value will be the header of the current download, and with a pre-set cookie and browser, since it is important to change the cookie and browser with each vote. This is because the volume of the log is extremely limited, so it is better to find the corresponding function and study it. After saving the log in a file and calling the above function in the following form, we get an array of all the requests that the browser made when loading the page.

    $list = parseRequests(file_get_contents('./index_map.txt'),$chosen_useragent, $cookie);

    The second function is responsible for executing all requests - this is curlMulti (). In this case, it is just appropriate to use multithreading, since the browser can download files multithreaded. This function accepts arrays of links and headers for further multi-threaded loading and speeding up the process. Enabling/disabling the download of the files themselves is optional: you can leave only the download of headers, or you can send requests without downloading. This option allows you to download certain elements, which is very convenient when the rest are not needed. I'll tell you a secret that this will come in handy when loading the registration page, to be more precise - when loading the captcha file.

  • how to get votes in voting with solving captcha


    To emulate a user action, you should first go to the main page. You can do this with the following code:

    function loadIndex()
    global $chosen_useragent, $cookie_session;
    $list = parseRequests(file_get_contents('./index_map.txt'),
    $chosen_useragent, 'Cookie: ' . implode('; ', $cookie_session));
    $links = array(); $heads = array();
    foreach ($list as $link => $head){$links[] = $link; $heads[] = $head;}
    $paged = cM($links, $heads, 1, 1);

    By the form of the above function, it can be seen that the file index_map.txt is the same log created when loading the entire page using the addon to Firefox. In this case, the log itself should be processed manually, since loading ads Google or files posted on other pages is not included in our plans. After going to the registration page from the main page, you need to prepare another log file using LiveHTTPHeaders and fix it by replacing one line:

    $paged = cM($links, $heads, 1, 1);

    on the

    $paged = cM($links, $heads, 1, 1, 'captcha.php');
    list($c_url, $sid) = explode('captcha_sid=', $links[11]);
    return array('sid' => $sid, 'image' => base64_encode($paged[11]));

    In this case, emulation of the loading of all elements will succeed, and the picture captcha will even come back.

    $links[11] and $paged[11] is the link and query value for the twelfth download element, respectively, calculated in the order of the files in the sniffer log. At the same time, it is pulled out of the link sid, to which the value of the text with captchathat needs to be unraveled. The well-known service perfectly copes with this., which offers a solution to the problem for just one dollar per thousand images.

    In this case, I slightly modified API-recognition function, indicating in it the path to the saved file captcha and access key:

    $captcha = loadReg();
    $local = md5($captcha['image']);
    $write_c = fopen('./captchas/'.$local.'.jpg', 'wb');
    fputs($write_c, base64_decode($captcha['image']));
    $cresult = recognize('./captchas/'.$local.'.jpg', 'e12dc4858bac1f4ee338c577f9d300');

    So we got the answer captcha in variable $result.

  • how to get votes in voting with email confirmation


    The next important point that we are faced with is the need to register mail to activate an account. So how to wind up votes in voting with mail confirmation? Everything below! Do not worry!

    It is clear that each time it should be a different address. There are three ways to solve this problem:

    1. You can register accounts on free mail services, such as Rambler or Yandex. But if you need too many emails, then it's easier to use an autoregister or buy already registered accounts by someone.
    2. Buy a domain that is similar in name to well-known mail services, and then set up a script to collect mail sent to all addresses. Thus, directed to addresses and mail will go into one box, and there can be thousands of such addresses.
    3. Use the script I prepared. This method does not require time or money, but is very effective for solving the problem. The script is suitable for checking any address that is already registered in the system and uses a free service It is enough to specify an arbitrary address on the domains of this service, and then log into the corresponding account through the web interface and check your mail. Moreover, this can be done without authorization, and the script itself implies access to eleven domains.

    The method chosen depends on the situation. In a particular case, we will have to spend money on the first option, since the importance of the moment requires certain concessions. At the same time, we will not write an autoregister on our own, but simply find it on any of the hacker forums. This can be done through the account seller, from whom you can buy mailing addresses that are suitable for verification through PHP IMAP extension.

    Since access to the servers of mail services is carried out in different ways, you should find out in advance which one is right for us, and only then buy accounts. Personally, I like the account on Rambler: in my experience, I have never experienced problems with checking mail on it.

    Now we need to write the following function to get the body of the last letter:

    function getMessage($login, $password)
    $imap = imap_open('{}INBOX',
    $login, $password);
    if ($imap){$body = imap_qprint(imap_body($imap,
    (imap_num_msg($imap) - 1)));}
    else{return false;}
    return $body;

    The written function returns the text of the last letter that comes to the mailbox, so let's prepare all the necessary data for it: postal address, personal data and password for the corresponding variables. I already talked about the way to get addresses above, as well as about personal data. You can generate a password in the following way:

    $password = substr(md5(time()), 0, rand(6, 10)).rand(10,99);

  • how to wind up votes in voting by filling out a questionnaire


    After preparation, you can move on to writing the registration function itself. And immediately the question arises how to wind up votes in voting by filling out a questionnaire? Everything is easier than it seems! To do this, you need to use the plugin liveHTTPHeaders. So we have POST-data in the form multipart/formdata. Now just substitute your values in the log from the sniffer, and then send them to POST-request - CURLOPT_POST, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS. At the same time, do not forget about the changing meaning of the title contenttype and that when requested via multipart/formdata need to generate boundaries.

    It is advisable to save all sent packages for further use in the database MySQL. It is necessary to save the mail data, the password from the account when registering on the site, useragent, cookie. But first you need to wait for the letter that will come to the mail to activate your account, while simultaneously registering other accounts, so as not to waste time. It turns out that the whole process of work should be divided into two stages - registration of accounts and their promotion, respectively. Having opened the saved data after a while, we just have to find the login and password from the mail in them, and then check if there is a corresponding letter in the box:

    $activation = getMessage($email_login, $email_passw);

    If there is a letter, then we select the activation link using a simple regular function. There should not be any particular problems with this, since the formation of the request goes to confirm registration, and for this it is necessary to insert referrer, add cookie and useragentthat were previously selected. Do not forget about loading all elements: for this we create a log file with all requests, parse it and repeat the actions of the browser.

    After receiving all the necessary data and confirming the registration, we only need to log in. To do this, just make a request again, emulate a browser and save the received cookie in a global variable. Similarly, we go to the page of the video, the votes for which are supposed to be cheated, and look where Ajax sends a request after clicking on the button to vote to send this request via cURL. The time between requests is 3-5 seconds.

    The automation process of wrapping is as follows. Someone uses cycles sleep() and other time-consuming things, but I did it easier and made it so that after the script passed (based on one vote per script run), the code was automatically thrown into the browser JavaScript, which refreshes the page after one or two minutes. Automation can be done with cron on any paid hosting.


As a result, we will see how the video is gradually gaining the votes of visitors and likes. We took into account all the important details, such as the number of users being three times the number of likes, or turning off voting for the night, so everything went smoothly.

After cheating in a couple of thousand votes, my customer still won the main prize, leaving me without a reward for my work. In addition, insiders, who were also an important part of this story, were not left without encouragement. It was from them that we received information about how competitive voting looks from the inside. For example, we found out that there were other cheaters besides us. It is noteworthy that they were not specifically removed from the competition and their votes were not reset to zero - this was done only at the end. For us, which is not surprising in the work done, no suspicions arose.

That is why it is doubly useful to look at cheating through the eyes of an administrator. We prevented everything that we could dig into in advance: time, headlines, browsers, cookie, postal addresses, IP-addresses and even speed. Of course, taking into account all the little things slows down the process, but if the deadlines are not running out, then it makes sense to spend extra time on working through all the details than to be left with nothing at the very finish line.

My advice: always ask how to boost votes in voting yourself and carefully study all the scripts attached to this article to get a complete picture of how effective and believable cheating works.


How to wind up votes in voting and where it can be applied

1. Affiliate programs. The promotion of affiliate programs by traffic is in great demand, but everything is not as simple as it seems. To begin with, you will have to conduct a thorough analysis of all JavaScripts that are embedded in the page. It is also likely that some of the sent data will be bound to browser settings, which are not so easy to fake. If you were looking for how to wind up votes in voting for traffic, then you definitely got to the wrong place.
2. Social networks. Facebook, Youtube, Vkontakte and other social networks often use polls and likes to increase the popularity of various objects. You will have to tinker with JavaScripts and analyze their binding to browsers, and at the same time deal with authorization, captcha and other methods of protection against bots. On our site you will also find information on how to wind up votes in voting using authorization through social networks.
3. Voting with prizes. How to wind up the votes in the voting yourself to get the main prize? Just this option we have considered in this article. Many sites conduct such voting, but even the simplest case requires preliminary monitoring in order to identify all the necessary parameters that can be used to evaluate the uniqueness of each vote.



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Let's see what types of polls exist on Vkontakte. There are several types of them. In some conditions, the administration of the public dictates, others are set in a technical way.
  • VK polls cheat


    Cheat polls VK with a single choice. Old and new type of survey. You have no choice, and you can only vote for one contestant. One account in VK - one vote in favor of the participant. In the new form, you will be asked to vote in a poll to which any picture or even a color photo is attached.

  • Cheat polls vk 2


    Cheat polls VK with the ability to select multiple participants. It is more interesting than the one mentioned above. Here you can select several participants from the list at once. The advantage is that this can be done from one VK account. And there are no restrictions. You can select one or more participants from one account.

  • Cheat polls VK 3


    VK polls cheat with joining a public or group. The most difficult. It cannot be set technically, the administration of the group already controls it. You will not be able to vote until you become a member of the community or group. For this you need to join. And you need to be careful. Left accounts and dummies are checked by special programs. There is a risk of being calculated. Naturally, not every system will take on such responsibility and guarantee the purity of work. We will give. With us, it will be very difficult to accuse you of cheating.


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We present to your attention several options that you can use to wind up VK surveys for free

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