Sign the petition online: signature cheat

Sign the petition online: signature cheat!

Social networks are constantly asking you to sign the petition online. More and more social problems require mass publicity: the reluctance of local authorities to enter into a dialogue with citizens, defrauded equity holders, lack of infrastructure, problems in the healthcare sector, and much more. One way to get your ideas across to the masses is to create petitions. The more signatures, the "louder" the problem will be stated, right?

But how do you make yourself heard? After all, not everyone has a large number of friends and subscribers in social networks who can be asked to join your appeal in order to gain the required number of signatures. Yes, we are talking about cheating petition signatures.

But first, let's talk about what they are.


One of the brightest examples of platforms for online petition signing, of course, the list is not limited to this
  • sign the petition online on the open republic website


    In order to sign the petition online and win votes on the site open republic you must first go through verification through government services, for which, accordingly, you need to have an account. After a long registration on the public services website, you will need to enter the number, mail and fill in other data already on the site itself, and only then only sign the petition online.


  • sign the petition online on the Greenpeace website


    On the site Greenpeace New petitions are constantly coming out that you can wind up. In order to register on this site, you need to enter your full name, email with confirmation, select a city and indicate a phone number for this city. And only then you can sign the petition online.

    FROM 1.5 RUB
  • sign the petition online on the petition247 website


    On the site petition247 registration is not needed, just enter the data with the mail to which the confirmation will come and that's it, signing the petition online is very simple there

    FROM 1 RUB




Prices for cheating signatures under petitions vary depending on the level of complexity: voting is possible only from different IP-addresses; entering captcha; registration through social networks; signature through a code to a phone number and others.

Cheating signatures under petitions is seen as a difficult, and most often impossible process, if you dare to do it yourself. Even requests to friends and subscribers can not always have the desired effect: there is no time, opportunity, desire. But how to achieve a result if it is impossible to get the necessary number of signatures to promote the petition. Most people have the common belief that their vote won't affect anything and therefore doesn't vote at all. But if there are already enough signatures on the petition, then there is more confidence in the source. Such is the psychology.

Each petition is checked by at least three parameters:

  1. IP-addresses of one geo-location. If the problem is regional, then most of the subscribers should be from one city, and if the problem is federal, they should be from the country.
  2. The computer configuration changes with each new registration. Otherwise, the account will be banned, and the signature will not be taken into account.
  3. Coincidence of account data on the site for collecting signatures with data on social networks. An important criterion for proving real accounts and live followers.

Not everyone has the technical knowledge on these issues, to be sure, and the need to gather thousands of signatures and votes on their own. Don't forget about the viral distribution of petition signatures. Signers of the petition usually send a link to it to their social media accounts. The collection of signatures will be more successful if these accounts belong to really real users.


On the YouTube videos below, you can consider options on how to get signatures on a petition for free

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Petition to the President: wind up signatures under the petition

Petition to the President: collecting signatures from living people!

A petition to the president is a simple but effective way to get through to the authorities. With the help of a petition, you can punish a negligent official, force the government to work for the benefit of citizens, and amend the current legislation. Create a new law, and even repeal a stupid and harmful law. a petition to the president is a marvelous tool for political, economic and social change. In this article we will tell you how to wind up a petition on the site. petition to the president.rf




A petition is a form of collective appeal of citizens to the authorities. According to the current legislation, any petition must be considered. Whether it's a petition to the president, to a deputy, to the governor, to the mayor, or to a smaller official.

The petition to the president will definitely be considered and an answer will be given to it. It is only necessary to follow some rules for filing petitions. Its text should be adequate, understandable. Should not contain profanity and insults.

And the most important thing! The petition must collect the necessary number of signatures of citizens in its support. Depending on the scale of the problem, it is necessary to collect from a thousand to hundreds of thousands of signatures in support of the petition. If the petition has one or two signatures of the author and his relatives, then the document will not be accepted for consideration.

Alas. Whatever good and relevant idea the petition contains, the authorities will pay attention to it, subject to the mass support of citizens.

Petitions can be submitted on paper or electronically. Accordingly, signatures in support of it must be collected in paper or electronic form. To collect signatures on paper, you need to walk the streets and agitate supporters for your petition.

The petition in electronic form must be published on a special website and then agitate supporters to go to the site and vote for the petition. When the required number of votes is collected, the petition will go to the representatives of the authorities for consideration, who will definitely read it and fulfill the will of the citizens recorded in the petition.

So everything looks perfect. But in practice, most activists do not know how to promote their petition in the information field and recruit supporters. Many people will share your point of view. But they simply have no time to go to some site. Somehow vote. Then confirm your vote. So it turns out that there are supporters, but there are no signatures. Another important factor. People don't like to vote for a petition at the start. When there are still few votes-signatures, it seems to people that it is pointless to vote for such an unpopular petition.

Both of these problems can be successfully solved. It is enough to add a petition winding mechanism to the traditional agitation in favor of one's own petition.

You can spin it yourself. Or you can turn to professionals who, for a reasonable price, will wind up a certain number of signatures under your petition. They will give the vote the necessary starting acceleration.


These tools can be used when cheating on the website of a petition to the President of the Russian Federation
  • petition to the president to wind up with the help of an exchange


    You sign someone else's petition, and its author signs your document in return. Thus, you can collect a dozen or two signatures that "weather won't do." A very long way to wind up a petition.

  • petition to the president to wind up with the help of advertising


    As a rule, you pay for displaying a banner. In a rare case, pay for the fact that users go to the text of your petition. How many signatures you collect in the end is a matter of chance. An expensive way to cheat with an unpredictable result.

  • petition to the president to wind up with the help of spam


    Just surf the social media and send out calls to support your petition. But no one likes spammers. People will even ignore your calls, not to mention the text of the petition. Spend a lot of time and nerves, and the result will be deplorable.


Paid cheating fundamentally changes the matter.
  • petition to the president to wind up with the help of bots


    Living people also register (if they do not have an account) and sign the petition

  • a petition to the president to wind up with the help of autoregistration


    Automatic registration of accounts on petition platforms with changes in IP addresses and other means of bypassing protection

First, the results are guaranteed. For how many signatures you paid, you will receive exactly as much.

Secondly, you have predictable terms for cheating signatures. You don't want to collect signatures for a year, do you? And here the signatures will arrive quickly, within the agreed time frame.

And thirdly, yes, it costs money. But on the other hand, you will save a lot of time and nerves, which are your invaluable resource. To save time and nerves, no money is a pity.

Please note that the prices for signatures in petitions vary depending on which online platform the collection of signatures takes place. The price depends on the complexity of the protection system. Different sites have different anti-cheat protection systems. Somewhere you need to have an IP address from Russia, and on other sites you need to enter captcha, confirm your signature by e-mail, or by phone, etc.

Pay attention to this nuance if you plan to buy signatures for your petition from us. Publish the petition on the site where the cheating on which will not ruin your budget.


It depends on the scale of the problem that you have threatened in your petition.
  • Regional problems

    From 1000 to 5000 signatures in order to solve the problem in a short time, it is desirable to collect even more signatures.

  • citywide problems

    It is necessary to collect 1000 to 2000 signatures in order for various media to talk about the problem
    But in order for the Authorities not only to notice the problem, but to solve it, it is necessary to collect about 10,000 signatures.

  • Issues of a federal scale

    You need between 5,000 and 10,000 signatures for the issue to be widely covered in the media. The more signatures, the louder the media will talk about your problem. If you manage to collect 50 to 100 thousand signatures, then this almost guarantees that the authorities will successfully solve the problem highlighted in your petition


During the collection of signatures for the petition, each vote is carefully checked for the following parameters

1) Geolocation. If we are talking about a district, or a municipal problem, then the IP addresses of the signers must be in the same geolocation - located in the same city that is mentioned in the petition.

2) Computer configuration. Registration of a new signature must take place from a new computer on which another hardware is installed. If the signature collection system sees that several signatures come from the same computer, then the account is banned, and the signatures are not taken into account.

3) Social behavior of the citizens who signed the petition. As a rule, people who have signed a petition usually distribute a link to the petition on social networks on their page in order to attract friends. The registration data of the account registered on the petition signing site and on social networks must match.

If a large number of signatures is doubtful on these three indicators, then the petition falls under suspicion and all signatures are checked especially carefully. And many signatures do not count.

Therefore, real professionals should wind up signatures under petitions. For example, we

With us you will receive high-quality and flawless wrapping of signatures. All signatures successfully pass the filters mentioned above. In addition, you will receive a free consultation on choosing a platform for publishing a petition.

We guarantee the result and strictly adhere to the deadlines for the execution of the order.

And you can pay for the order in any convenient way - from bank cards to electronic online payment systems.

After paying for the order, in twenty minutes we begin to wind up signatures under your petition. We work quickly.

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Proper promotion

Proper promotion

It is no secret that only with external help can you draw attention to your petition on Hundreds and thousands of them are posted on the site every day, and even if you have well-visited resources on social networks, then you can’t do without additional organization of voting. We are on we offer two real options for cheating votes on the petition and are ready to implement any number of signatures per day! So what is the right promotion?


If your petition is a social project, a cry for help, a fight against injustice, we are ready to help for free. Contact the chat.
2023/02/09 11:18:24
  • cheat bots


    This is, let's say, cheat in easy mode. The method is the most profitable and not particularly expensive. Everything is done with the help of bots - in addition, it happens very quickly. As we have already indicated above, it is quite possible to realize 5-10-20-100 thousand subscribers per day.

    Key: each vote comes from a unique IP (Russia, Ukraine, other countries). In addition, the browser and system credentials are also unique for each virtual voice. We also implement random actions on the voting page - scrolling, mouse movement, clicks, and the like.

    Thus, this voting method cannot be identified as cheating due to the above reasons.

    The cost of this method:
    When ordering from 10,000 or more votes - 2.5 rubles per vote
    From 5 thousand - 3 rubles / vote
    From one thousand votes - 3.2 rubles per vote
    Less than a thousand - 3.5 rubles / vote

    In addition, we offer to revive your petition and leave a comment on it for greater reality - such a service costs from 10 rubles for a meaningful and readable comment.

    Note that the indication of the locality from which the signature should be is free! This can also be done randomly for the Russian Federation or the CIS to choose from.

    Also, the list of free options includes the winding up of petitions on a timer - voting will take place at a time specified by you.

  • cheat people


    The second way is to vote REAL people! They are attracted on a paid basis, only one signature is possible from one computer. In this case, it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine the cheat! The cost is higher! - check with the specified contacts in telegram / vatsap / viber or in the chat on the site.

For payments and discounts:

Anonymous payment is possible - from terminals to Qiwi or Yandex.Money, from Sberbank ATMs. Or from any other bank account. If you want to provide your own option - contact us, we will find a solution!

Discounts are available for all tariffs, in addition, we have an individual approach to each client!


Contact us and we will advise you on the design, the number of required signatures, the price of a signature, as well as the quality of subscribers - they can be both bots and real people.
  • Write to us

    Write to us on one of the convenient contacts, we will analyze the link and tell you the price

  • Payment and terms

    Pay in any convenient way: poison, visa, mastercard. Then say who to vote for and how long to stretch the votes.

  • Program creation and launch

    We create a program from 10 to 20 minutes, then run it. We control the voting process all the time

  • you win

    Your voices are growing. You win or we refund the money.

Free consultation