Professional SMS-voice wrapping!

Online voting is an unpredictable process. It is difficult to influence its result. Organizers of online voting are struggling with cheating votes in every possible way. It is especially difficult to wind up SMS voting. The organizers send an SMS code to each voter. To confirm their choice, the voter must voice this code aloud. It was believed that such a voting system could not be hacked or cheated. But our team already has a unique technology for cheating such secure voting systems, with us cheating SMS votes will be easy and inconspicuous!


Cheat SMS votes takes place in strict confidentiality, we make sure that phone numbers are not repeated, and also come from different platforms.
  • cheating SMS votes from Russian phones


    Cheat SMS votes through Russian phone numbers, a good example is the All-Russian competition "Librarian of 2018" where choosing a specific the candidate must also insert the phone number and after receiving the SMS code, drive it into the voting field. At the same time, the numbers must be Russian, as well as IP addresses. The contest is checked by all types of protections and even manually by the administration, so that the votes do not pop up, we emulated the transition from the social network, platform and browser at each entry. Everything was different every time.

  • cheat SMS votes through Ukrainian numbers


    NEW LEADERS is a national TV project that also hosted the competition. Here, the SMS votes cheating was much more difficult, since during registration it was necessary not only to indicate the phone number that the SMS code would come, it was necessary to select the subtype of the phone by division (example: +3050 or +3099) and then drive in the remaining phone number. At the same time, it was necessary to go through Google captcha, and after that an SMS code could come to your phone. And then only if the IP address was from the geolocation of Ukraine, if it was from another country, then you would never have waited for this code.

  • cheat SMS votes for a given city


    Using the example of the Live Love Proud contest, we will now tell you how SMS votes were cheated through the numbers of a given geolocation. When registering on this site, you need to fill out a profile and select a region from Moscow to Yaroslavl, and only after that indicate a phone number suitable for a given city. Then if it was Moscow, then the number should have been, for example, 8945, and if Astrakhan, then 8917. Accordingly, to which city the project belonged, we selected phone numbers for this. At the same time, the network address (ip) had to be the same from a given geolocation, that is, belong to a city or region. The task was still the same, but we did it.



We know how to win SMS voting. And for a small amount of money, we organize a vote in your favor.

Contact us and you will be able to win any competition or voting that requires confirmation through a phone number. Moreover, the cheating of votes takes place legally and in a calm mode that imitates real voting. Votes are added at intervals of time. In this case, they do not arouse suspicion among the organizers of the vote. And no one will doubt your victory.

Our professionalism has been repeatedly confirmed by regular victories of customers. Contact us. And we guarantee:

  1. That you will become the leader of the vote.
  2. That you will receive a large number of votes in your favor
  3. That you will win in any competition where you need confirmation through a phone number
  4. That you will win quickly and at an affordable price.

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You can try to cheat SMS votes yourself, but below we specifically show you what this can lead to.

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