Cheating real people in voting is just the moment when not only technology but also Internet marketing enters the fray. In order for a live audience to vote for you according to specified criteria, for example, a city or a country, you need to competently handle not only modern media tools, but also correctly attract people and motivate them, otherwise the budget for winning the competition may turn out to be too unbearable.

Why is it necessary to cheat living people if you can use our own services and fully emulate human behavior and various equipment? The reasons may be different, the customer himself decides in most cases, but we will all mention some of them in the course of the story. And now let's look at our methods of influencing the vote of a live audience ...

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In order for the advertising budget not to be spent in vain, you need to follow some marketing rules, then a live person will come to the vote who will definitely vote for the right candidate
  • cheating live people with the search for target audience


    Understanding who can vote for you in the voting is important from the point of view of conversion, because if you show ads to schoolchildren in some kind of political contest, it is unlikely that anyone will go and vice versa. It is important to establish not only the country and city, but also the age, gender, some interests of the target audience, only in this case the cheating of living people will be successful.

  • cheating live people with the selection of sites


    The sites on which advertising will be made to attract the user are just as important as the target audience on which we will advertise, since this is directly related to the type of voting and protection against cheating. After all, some contests require social network accounts, while others such as citizens with high social responsibility, thirdly, users with mail on foreign sites are needed. In accordance with these nuances, the platform for which we will advertise is selected.

  • cheating living people and motivation


    Where all these people will come, it is necessary to strictly identify the motivational component that a person will receive when voting, as well as describe to him all the points of action at which we will receive a vote, and he will be rewarded. Or it can be moral satisfaction if we are talking about some kind of social / patriotic type of advertising. This point is important in order to keep as many people as possible at this stage and they have done the necessary actions, otherwise the first two will be wasted.

As you already understood, cheating by real people is created through advertising, that is, by processing and analyzing the data, we form a portrait of a potential voter, then we look for a convenient platform for advertising, and only then we drive all the traffic to our own platform, in which it will be sorted out on the shelves why you need to vote just for you, that is, for the customer.

The cost of such a vote will undoubtedly be much higher than a bot or emulation, but the site administration will not be able to prove cheating not technically, not physically, not in any other way. Advertising will disappear, and sites will change and be deleted after a specified amount of time, as well as tasks for them. But let's get back to the question why do people use this method if it is many times more expensive than the others?


As we said earlier, each customer also has his own "pens", but at the root of everything are the following reasons for using this option
  • cheating living people and the human factor


    We have already mentioned above that the administration, technical specialists and even competitors will monitor the vote cheating and various sources where you can buy the votes of real people. The so-called boxes are platforms for completing tasks for money. They are easy to find on the Internet, and the most effective can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Thus, a technical specialist can easily calculate this option, and it may also happen that the contractor himself, due to natural hazard (yes, this actually happens often), rents out to competitors or the administration the site on which he received money for the order.

  • cheating live people and technical features


    Some sites mess up so much with voting protection that the technical implementation costs a lot more than using advertising and attracting people. For example, when you need to enter a phone number on the site, after which a call will come and they will say in a voice the code that will need to be entered on the site. This will require redirection and voice recognition, which will cost more than the creation of advertising and a live person will perform all these actions. The same example works with mobile apps, most of which need to be downloaded and installed on different mobile platforms first.

  • cheating living people and maximum distribution


    If the competition is international or it is a petition to which you need to attract the attention of as many people as possible, the question always arises of how you can not only get votes, but also make sure that voting is talked about, known and distributed. Customers also use this option due to the fact that they want to "smooth the corners", namely, to paint the emulation of voices live, so that it is most similar to the truth.

And of course, you can try to wind up the voices of real people yourself, for this you will need a certain amount of money and knowledge, for example, how targeted advertising on VKontakte works. You will independently study a lot of materials and then select your target audience by collecting publics, communities, studying activity and getting a user profile. Then you will need to drive "clients" somewhere, and then difficulties arise again. For an unprepared person, this can take a lot of time. Maybe you will go the other way, imagine that you understand how referral links work, you will hide them on the site for completing the task, but there you will also need to indicate who to vote for and competitors or the administration will again be able to figure you out. Do you want to be sure of victory and stay clean? Contact our specialists!


We take into account any wishes of the client and focus on them, offering options for solving the problem.


We have been working in this area for more than 7 years, among our specialists there are Internet marketers, seo-optimizers and programmers, we perfectly feel the target audience based on our experience and therefore we will provide you with the highest results, both in quality and in speed.


Thanks to skillful customization and automation of actions, we will be able to optimize advertising costs, and therefore provide you with the best price for the voice of a living person. Skillfully manipulating the price and giving ourselves a margin, at the same time we will be able to regulate the speed, stretching the given number of votes for the required amount of time.


The cheating of votes by real people will go through our sites, we will be able to provide you with a detailed report in one form or another about the people who voted for you. These can be both links to the accounts of living people, and screenshots where they made a voice.



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