It is believed that if a person voted through an account of one of the social networks, it is easy to check whether it is a bot or a real character, because real people have friends, their profiles are filled, ava, they are doing some kind of activity. If you need high-quality cheating of votes through social networks, so that the administration of the resource on which the contest is held cannot be distinguished from live ones, you can use our services. But first, let's figure out what types of voting through social networks are...

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It is important to understand what type is represented in your contest, since in one case or another, the cheating of votes through social networks will differ in price and speed.
  • cheating votes through social networks in polls


    Polls are located directly on the social network (VKontakte, Instagram, classmates, Facebook and others) and only users registered in this social network can take them. Polls can be posted both on the community wall and on the user's side. The cheating of votes through social networks in this type is limited to 10k per day.

  • cheating votes through social networks on widgets


    Placed on third-party sites with social network buttons next to the representative of the competition. You just need to click like.

    cheating votes in social networks on the example of widgets

  • cheating votes through social networks on the site through authorization


    Unlike widgets, you will not need to put a like, but go to the site and go through authorization on it, and then you can already click on the button on the site to vote. Recently, when you click on the voice button, you also need to post a post on your wall on a social network.

    cheating votes through social networks on the site through authorization

If we have decided on the type of voting, then now there are still many problems, for example, technical characteristics for cheating, or where to actually get accounts in order to vote with them? We will talk about the technical aspects a little later, but now let's move on to the issue of accounts. Accounts can be of various quality, from ordinary bots in the common people of dogs, to accounts of real people or emulation of real people that cannot be distinguished from real ones.

What is the main factor in which site administrators make a verdict: “this is a living person!”? You need avatars, a completed profile, posts on the wall, friends who are not just there for quantity, but also write something on the user's wall, comment on news or photos, and are active. Accounts must be verified by both email and phone number. A logical question is imposed - so where can you get such accounts so that the vote cheating through social networks is successful?


With all the variety of options in search engines, there are only a few ways to get accounts and use them to make sure that the cheating of votes through social networks is done correctly
  • cheat votes through social networks: search for accounts through distribution


    This is a sweet word FREE!)) Yes, you understood everything correctly, the way is to get free accounts that will be distributed by various users, beginner hackers, account stores to lure potential customers. Distribution takes place on such forums as anti-chat and the like. It is also possible and necessary to dig in the darknet, there are also a lot of resources that make distributions. It happens like this: you find a forum, go to the branch where accounts are distributed (usually they are in the “login: password” format) and then enter these accounts, log in and vote. The disadvantage of this method is that there are a lot of such "hunters" and accounts are very often already in the bath or the password has been changed.

  • cheat votes through social networks: search for accounts through exchange


    In Runet and abroad, there are a lot of different sites and programs that, in exchange for your actions, you get some kind of bonuses, which you can then exchange for the actions of people like you. That is, you have an account, you log in with it, then do some actions, in programs such as a> actions are performed automatically, and not manually, and then you can set the voices to wind up by yourself. The disadvantage of this method is that your account will soon be banned and you will become a "dog", so the same users as you who will vote for you will also soon become dogs

  • cheating votes through social networks: searching for accounts through registration using the virtual number service


    With the help of a service that provides virtual numbers for rent and to which SMS codes come, you register accounts in the social network you need. You can also do this not only manually, but programmatically, having dug well, you can find more or less direct programs in the public domain. However, the cost of receiving an SMS with a code to a phone number will not be free, for example, on one of the oldest virtual number services onlinesim VKontakte registration will cost you 23 rubles. At the same time, you will need to register each account, make an avatar, make friends, post.

  • cheating votes through social networks: buying accounts in the store


    The most expensive, but the easiest way is to simply buy accounts with the parameters of friends you need, gender, user age for money in the account store. There are a lot of them on the Internet, when choosing a store, it is important not to make a mistake and look at reviews about it, since often when receiving logins they simply do not fit because they are either simply generated or sold several times in different hands. But, let's say you found a service such as Insta Shop and bought a couple of hundred accounts, went through their manual authorization and voted for the desired candidate. What to do with them next? A lot of money has been spent, you don’t really need accounts, what to do with them? Yes, nowhere. Therefore, we offer our services so that 1 vote does not cost you 50-100 rubles, and this was from 2 rubles per vote, depending on the social network.

Let's also not forget that even if you have high-quality accounts, you need to have some kind of software when voting to change hardware (mobile, tablets, personal computers), operating systems so that they are different, browsers are not repeated, of course, a unique IP address must to be. And if we talk about large contests in which votes are measured not in tens and hundreds, but in thousands, then we will also need software that automates the authorization process, because it will not be possible to make all the votes manually. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you seek help from people who have been involved in voices for more than a year and have their own base, it will be more reliable, faster and more profitable for you.


If you want to solve captcha and wind up voting yourself, then as you have already read above, there are enough options for this. However, you will spend a lot of time, money and nerves before you start using all the tools effectively, your voting may have ended by then. We invite you to use our services, because we have been on the market for more than 5 years!


We will select for you a base corresponding to your country, and, if desired, to your city. All accounts will be filled, have from 50 to 500 friends, several years of registration and posting on the wall, as well as emulation of activity.


With this quality, the price per vote is only 2 rubles. This way you can order more votes than you start buying accounts yourself (saving up to 50 votes) and at the same time we guarantee you that if something goes wrong, we will refund your money. Yes, we guarantee our services!


All that is needed is to contact the chat on the site and drop the site on which the voting takes place, the consultant will analyze all the data and tell you the most economical option and the speed that we can allow per day. You will only have to pay for the details and watch how the counter starts to increase. Time to complete the task at the request of the customer.



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