Cheat votes in the contest!

There is nothing easier and faster than using our services, cheating votes in the contest at low prices from the holders of the database of their own accounts. We note right away that all votes belong to real users of social networks. You choose your country of residence. And so that you are not suspected of winding up votes, determine the period of time after which new likes will appear, starting from one second and ending with days. So if you need a victory, we are ready to help you.


There are about fifty types of contests in which anyone can participate and we can help you win them.
  • Cheat votes in the competition Min Mis & Mister Tavriya

    Min Mis & Mister Tavria

    Cheating votes in the competition Min Mis & Mister Tavria is well suited for Ukrainians who want to promote their little, novice models. Votes are counted only from registered users with Ukrainian emails that need to be confirmed in the mailbox. You will also need a unique Ukrainian ip.

  • null

    SAP Value Award

    The cheating of votes in the competition, or rather, even an annual award, the SAP Value Award was created mainly for large brands that could be noted not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries. That is, the competition is quite prestigious. Votes are counted by user authorization through social networks.

  • Cheat votes in the BRIDGETV contest


    Voting in the competition on BRIDGETV is boosted by an elementary change of browsers, that is, every time you go to chrome in incognito mode, you can vote again. But this method without changing the IP is very doubtful, since the administration will instantly be able to see that the votes of hundreds of votes come from the same IP.


Everywhere and always there are nuances, so the examples listed below with a focus on prices may not always be a postulate

Let's start with a simple vote, which was already in the example, such as changing cookies, this is a vote that can be cheated from various browsers. It costs from 20 to 50 kopecks, but without the participation of changing the IP it does not make sense, or only at small competitions where the administration does not follow at all. Voting by IP, mail, with solving captcha approximately costs from one to several rubles. This list can go on forever, contact our professionals with a link to the competition and they will tell you the price.

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