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It is no secret that only with external help can you draw attention to your petition on Hundreds and thousands of them are posted on the site every day, and even if you have well-visited resources on social networks, then you can’t do without additional organization of voting. We are on we offer two real options for cheating votes on the petition and are ready to implement any number of signatures per day! So what is the right promotion?


If your petition is a social project, a cry for help, a fight against injustice, we are ready to help for free. Contact the chat.
2023/02/09 11:18:24
  • cheat bots


    This is, let's say, cheat in easy mode. The method is the most profitable and not particularly expensive. Everything is done with the help of bots - in addition, it happens very quickly. As we have already indicated above, it is quite possible to realize 5-10-20-100 thousand subscribers per day.

    Key: each vote comes from a unique IP (Russia, Ukraine, other countries). In addition, the browser and system credentials are also unique for each virtual voice. We also implement random actions on the voting page - scrolling, mouse movement, clicks, and the like.

    Thus, this voting method cannot be identified as cheating due to the above reasons.

    The cost of this method:
    When ordering from 10,000 or more votes - 2.5 rubles per vote
    From 5 thousand - 3 rubles / vote
    From one thousand votes - 3.2 rubles per vote
    Less than a thousand - 3.5 rubles / vote

    In addition, we offer to revive your petition and leave a comment on it for greater reality - such a service costs from 10 rubles for a meaningful and readable comment.

    Note that the indication of the locality from which the signature should be is free! This can also be done randomly for the Russian Federation or the CIS to choose from.

    Also, the list of free options includes the winding up of petitions on a timer - voting will take place at a time specified by you.

  • cheat people


    The second way is to vote REAL people! They are attracted on a paid basis, only one signature is possible from one computer. In this case, it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine the cheat! The cost is higher! - check with the specified contacts in telegram / vatsap / viber or in the chat on the site.

For payments and discounts:

Anonymous payment is possible - from terminals to Qiwi or Yandex.Money, from Sberbank ATMs. Or from any other bank account. If you want to provide your own option - contact us, we will find a solution!

Discounts are available for all tariffs, in addition, we have an individual approach to each client!


Contact us and we will advise you on the design, the number of required signatures, the price of a signature, as well as the quality of subscribers - they can be both bots and real people.
  • Write to us

    Write to us on one of the convenient contacts, we will analyze the link and tell you the price

  • Payment and terms

    Pay in any convenient way: poison, visa, mastercard. Then say who to vote for and how long to stretch the votes.

  • Program creation and launch

    We create a program from 10 to 20 minutes, then run it. We control the voting process all the time

  • you win

    Your voices are growing. You win or we refund the money.

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