Cheat votes in the VK poll!

How do some users of the social network VKontakte manage to win contests all the time, how do they gain thousands of likes, or how do they get ahead in voting, for example, for a photo, drawing, story? Moreover, the work itself may not be distinguished by beauty, artistic merit or genius? Everything is very simple - knowledgeable people use our service, they are interested in cheating votes in the VK poll! They don't have to spam, beg their friends and social media followers to vote, or repost "Vote for me (my daughter, grandson or grandmother)" to hundreds of groups.

After all, we will do everything for them! So join those who have already found our resource on the Internet and won hundreds of contests. Believe me, your costs will pay off with prizes, bonuses and gifts. After all, we will really help to get ahead and leave all rivals behind - you can absolutely count on victory! The vast experience of our customers guarantees this!


At the moment, there are several types of VKontakte polls, some are technically set, others are set by the conditions of the public administration
  • Single Choice

    Cheating votes in a VK poll of the old and new types where you can select only one participant from the list. A new type is understood as such a vote, in which a picture is attached to the background or in the header of the survey or some kind of colored background is made. From one VKontakte account, you can vote only for one participant.

  • Multi choice

    Cheating votes in a VK poll of a new type, where you can select several participants in the list. This option is good because from one VKontakte account we can constantly choose one necessary participant or several decoys, both on an ongoing basis and always randomly.

  • Poll with introduction

    Polls with the introduction to the group. Such a poll is not technically set by the VKontakte platform itself, these are additional conditions for the administration of publics, with the help of third-party programs they check the participants in the polls in order to protect themselves from vote fraud. Naturally. under such conditions, not everyone will be able to make sure that the votes in the VK poll are of high quality, but this does not apply to us, we provide these services!


Do you want the votes in the VK poll to be from high-quality accounts, and you can set the speed yourself? We are ready to provide you with such an opportunity!

We have our own database of VKontakte accounts that we constantly use, delete blocked ones, manage their walls, each has several avatars, friends, filled in data and likes with comments on posts. Full emulation of human activity and presence.

Under these conditions, we can programmatically set the desired speed. Want 1000 per hour? No problem! Do you want 100 smoothly per day? Please! Every whim for your money!

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